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I noticed very quickly that diet these days if not being selective and watchful can be worse than anything else. My body became very sensitive to complex carbs or simple sugars unless very tiny amounts.

Many times I would suffer headaches or have lack of energy. Although when I was growing up my polish diet including dumplings, creamy dishes and lots of potatoes wasn’t the best choice but at least the food was not modified and with way too many chemicals as it is these days in the United States.

As we get older and being surrounded with the worst food options possible these days the healthy life style is truly a challenge and requires more work on our side but it is still doable. Often we just have to keep it simple like no processed food, snacking on fresh or baked veggies, beans, nuts. I will share with you many great recipes.

Juicing and smoothies are great to be added. I love eggs and I try to get them from the farmer if possible. I buy meet also from farmer although I don’t eat a lot of it. I like sheep and goat cheese as well. Believe me, I will still have from time to time chocolate cake or pizza but the key is to balance it. The easiest way for me and what works are good quality supplement.

You need to find a good source, not synthetic one as most at the stores are. Here are few of my favorite I use from Young living and they have helped me each time:

Nr.1  Alkaline your body. I drink a glass of water with Alkalime, it is a mineral based powder with lime and lemon essential oils evening and morning. It helps me to balance body PH and not to go in to sugar craving zone.

Nr.2  Enzymes that help us digest food. I found very helpful for me that on days when I don’t eat enough veggies or I’m eating food that makes me bloated that taking plant based digestive enzymes before or with the food, keep my stomach in a healthy mood. There is even something better for those who suffer after eating out.  I’m sure that happens to you too 🙂 you can still help yourself. Young Living has a Detoxyme also enzymes. You take them before you go to bed and while you sleep it helps your body to digest food which often is accumulating around the waist line.

Nr.3   Multigreens!!! Crucial one as we don’t get enough of greens in our diet. A great source to alkaline your body and energy as well.

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