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Fitness was always a part of my life and I can truly say that exercise makes me feel well. It really makes a difference when you take care of yourself. Loving yourself is important and It helps us to love those around us.

At least 30 minutes routine a few times a week will give us many health benefits, more energy and help us with daily stress. Just be consistent and find something you enjoy to do! You don’t have to run if you don’t like it but maybe you can climb the stairs or you love weights or pilates. Look for something it works for you and your schedule.

If you work long hours doing 50 squats, jump squats, core exercise from your home in the morning will change your life but you are the one who needs to say yes to it! When you will put the time and the effort to take care of your body physically you will also be more conscious about the food you eat or what you choose to drink.

Don’t beat yourself up if you eat some cookies but instead feeling guilty make a better choice next day, eat less, alkaline your body, drink more water. I love to use at evening Young Living product Alkalime to balance my body ph after I have more sugar than I should.

Drinking lemon essential oil in a morning helps too. This is very important as consuming sugar or too much simple carbs will make us crave more sugar and when our body is acidic we get sick often and we are not a happy being at all!

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