#1 Best Natural Makeup

I still remember how excited I was to try on Savvy Minerals by Young Living.

Getting rid of chemicals from my home step by step is my daily goal and the privilege of having natural makeup was the dream come true.

I was already in love with Young Living skin care and applying simple oil like Frankincense to my daily routine is the win that we all should be able to afford.  

I want to focus today why Savvy Minerals are different, non-toxic and make your skin looking radiant that enhances your natural beauty.

Don’t you want to put on best makeup, feel confidence without ever have to compromise on a commitment to naturally derived products, formulated without toxins.

Savvy Minerals by Young Living is always formulated without talc, bismuth, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, nanoparticles, synthetic fragrances or colorants, or cheap synthetic fillers.

You can feel good about what you put on your skin knowing what you will find in Savvy Minerals:

–         Pure Young Living essential oils

–         High-quality, color-rich minerals

–         Aspen bark extract

–         Mica

–         Naturally derived, vegan and vegetarian friendly ingredients

–         Cruelty free: not tested on animals

–         Seed to Seal verified

best natural makeup

Savvy Minerals Foundation is formulated for sensitive skin and a wide range of skin tones. The ultrafine mineral powder minimizes the look of imperfections, blemishes, and pores for a gorgeous, airbrushed look for everything from sheer, casual looks to full coverage.

In Young Living catalog you will find a wild range of colors from Cool No.1-3 for people with blue or violet- tinged veins, Warm No.1-3 for those who have green to olive- tinged veins and Dark No.1-4 are neutral tones for bluish-green tint veins. You can create a natural shade as unique as you are by combining shades.

How do I use the best natural makeup?

Make sure to prep your skin with ART Renewal Serum, followed by ART Light Moisturizer, then sprinkle a bit of foundation into the jar lid. Swirl your foundation brush to collect the powder, and top lightly to dust off any excess. Apply directly to skin, using circular motion to blend, repeat as necessary to build the coverage. Make sure to extend the coverage all the way to the ears and to the underside of the jaw for a thorough finish.

How to order your natural makeup?

Below is my direct link how to become a member and get the starter kit with Savvy mineral under other Premium Kits. The most popular Kit is the one with Essential oils and diffuser which I really recommend getting first  and then the skin care. the prices will already be discounted for the members with no additional cost and no commitment if you decided to cancel it. But hopefully you will give it a try for few month to see if this is something you where looking for.
Please feel free to contact me with any additional question


What others are saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I love Young Living oils! They totally changed my life. I use them daily at home, car and work. They are like magic – I have more energy, happiness and feel great. Thank you Gary Young, and you Monika for introducing me to the essential oils and chemical free, natural makeup.”

Aneta Siek

“I am in love with Young Living products. Super easy to use, and very effective. My favorite are Thieves and  Inner Defence, as I always feel my immune system gets stronger.  Thieves is awesome and safe for kids.”

Agnieszka Boryczko

“Essential oils  of Young Living changed the life of each one of us. Improved the skin, and wellbeing. It was great to change all the chemical supplies to natural products that don’t cause allergies. Easy way to make the house smell amazing without harmful products that only ruin our hormonal system.”

Monika, Sylwia, Dominika

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